We represent clients in civil proceedings and administrative lawsuits. Every dispute is preceded by a thorough risk analysis and an attempt to solve it amicably. We specialize in litigation with an international element, whether it is a lawsuit filed by a foreign plaintiff or an assessment of the law governing your legal relations.


Legal advice for business

We focus on comprehensive advisory services for foreign entities coming to the Czech market. We can help you with visas, founding a company, writing a lease agreement or advise you in the field of labour law.


We also offer our services to Czech entities doing business in Czech Republic or to those who are just thinking of choosing a suitable form of business.


Family and inheritance law, trusts

We advise our clients in the field of family law, especially regarding divorce, settlement of property of spouses and issues related to child maintenance. In case there is a conflict between parents, we help setting up a suitable parent-child visitation in Czech Republic or also in case of cross-border visitation.


We advise Czech and foreign clients on issues of inheritance law, we represent their interests in inheritance proceedings and related disputes.


The issue of trusts is closely related to inheritance and family law. The establishment of a trust might be a suitable solution for the settlement of property of spouses or for transfer of property between generations. A trust can be beneficial while protecting assets against risky business.

Insolvency law

In the area of insolvency law, we provide legal assistance to both creditors and debtors. We have significant experience in representing insolvency administrators in incidental disputes as well as other disputes related to insolvency proceedings. We provide legal assistance to Czech and foreign creditors with registration of their claims and we counsel them on the best steps to be taken in an ongoing insolvency proceeding. We help bankrupt companies or those close to being bankrupt, but also individuals who have gotten into financial difficulties and are unable to pay their debts.

Criminal law

Some cases ask for risk analysis in field of criminal law, due to the fact of criminal law overlap. We deal with criminal defence of both individuals and legal entities and we represent injured parties in criminal proceedings.






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